KT-HDP1By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

HD radio is an awesome technology that enables you to enjoy your favorite local AM and FM stations with less distortion. Equipping your vehicle with HD radio components also gives you access to additional FM stations. Like satellite radio, you can enjoy the superior sound clarity of digital radio broadcasts. Unlike satellite radio, there is no subscription required for exclusive programming.

Installing HD radio components into your vehicle is fairly straightforward. One of the easiest ways to add HD radio to your vehicle is to purchase a portable HD Radio tuner, such as the JVC KT-HDP1. The KT-HDP1 brings HD radio to your vehicle without having to modify your in-dash car stereo. Besides, this unit is so light and compact that you can take it just about anywhere. If you want to install it into your vehicle, you just need to purchase the KV-K1017 car mounting kit. For your convenience, we offer both the KT-HDP1 HD radio tuner and the KV-K1017 car mounting kit as a package deal that we call the JVC KT-HDPK1 HD Radio package.

The KT-HDP1 is a universal add-on HD Radio tuner, meaning that it is designed to fit into all vehicles. The KV-K1017 car mounting kit is compatible with both aftermarket and factory stereos, and it includes all of the wiring and mounting accessories you need to install the KT-HDP1. This includes suction cups for windshield mounting. To use the KV-K1017 you must install a wired FM transmitter. If your car stereo has an aux input jack, you can connect the HD radio tuner through this input as well.

HD radio is a great new concept, and now you can easily add it to your vehicle with an awesome portable HD radio package!