Raptor C1F

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Say goodbye to dimming headlights and fading bass thumps. With the Raptor C1F 1.0 Farad capacitor, you can restore power to amplifiers up to 1,000 watts. This single farad capacitor will store an electrical charge temporarily and pump it into your car amp when the need arises. Any dimming of your headlights or interior lights is a sign that your vehicle accessories are experiencing a power shortage. This is usually because your amplifier is causing a voltage strain on your vehicle’s electrical system. If your headlights are dim, you need to add a power capacitor with enough farads to match your system.

Most digital caps include the required mounting hardware you need for installation. You just use the ring terminals on the capacitor to connect the power and ground cable. The capacitor is wired to your battery and amplifier. The Raptor C1F cap includes 24 karat gold plated brass terminals for transferring power. This cap features a slick silver and red color scheme and is emblazoned with a distinctive raptor claw.

At this incredible price, you won’t be able to find a better car audio capacitor. A lot of capacitors on the market are not true 20 volt capacitors. But the Raptor’s volt surge is rated at a superb 20/24. This rating is verified and accurate, as we have tested it on our testing bench. For all of its technological capability, this digital audio capacitor is very compact. It will fit most any mounting locations, as it is a sleek 9” x 3” x 3”. With this cap, power will be restored to your amplifiers, your subwoofers will once again produce bass, and your vehicle accessories will function properly again.