Affordable speakers are easy to find, but cost is not all you should consider when it comes to picking out new car speakers. The Blue Label series by Pyle Audio is an affordable lineup of speakers that deliver good quality music superior to most factory speakers.

What Makes a Blue Label Speaker?

The speaker cones are made from a poly-injected material, resulting in a very efficient sound output. The tweeters are made of a neodymium film material and shaped like a dome for maximum sound dispersion. Complete with stylish and protective speaker grilles, these speakers look fantastic in any vehicle. The Blue Label series has a number of different sizes to ensure a proper speaker fitment for the vehicle you drive, plus the speakers include accessories and mounting hardware for any installation. Replace your factory speakers with a set of these and you will notice the difference immediately. You will experience a warm mid-presence that blends seamlessly with the articulate highs that the tweeters produce. Most of the models within the series are equipped with a second ¾” piezoelectric super tweeter in addition to the 1” tweeter. The piezo tweeter introduces a super high frequency range that blends into the rest of the speakers sound. These characteristics make for an overall good value set of speakers.

Great Budget Speakers by Pyle Audio

It is hard to find a product that offers such an incredible balance of cost and quality. That is why we at Sonic Electronix are happy to have the Blue Label series speakers available in our catalog. For a truly non-fatiguing sound at a sensational price, look to the Blue Label series. For the shopper on a budget, trust Pyle to provide quality sound at a competitive price.