By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The latest Pioneer Premier head units create the ultimate driving experience. These models better your driving experience with their built-in navigation, voice guidance, and MSN Direct compatibility. The innovative Conversational Voice Recognition system can understand the way you actually talk, even in conversational tones. So even if you pause midway through a command or mumble, it will still understand the meaning. For example, if you say, “I’d like to, umm, hear the playlist Party Time,” your iPod will play the “Party Time” playlist. The voice guidance is incredibly accurate and enables you to keep your attention on the road, affording you a safer driving experience.

You can also call out a name or number using the hands-free Bluetooth technology. The Pioneer Premier built-in Conversational Voice Recognition system bolsters built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. For example, imagine you are calling your friend Joe Smith, who has multiple phone numbers. Let’s say he has three numbers. When you say, “Can you call, umm, Joe Smith?” The system will ask you if you want to call his home, cell, or work number.

Though all of the models include this wonderful technology, each of the Pioneer Premier navigation receivers are designed with unique features. So choose the model that will perfectly suit your needs. The AVIC-F90BT and the AVIC-F900BT are in-dash GPS navigation receivers with DVD playback, so if video playback is a priority, you should select one of these models. The AVIC F700BT is an in-dash navigation receiver with CD playback. The lack of DVD playback makes it a more affordable option, and you can still play videos through a USB media player or iPod. Finally, the AVIC F500BT is a portable multimedia navigation system. Unlike the other models mentioned, you can mount it on your dash. This gives you the option to remove it when necessary. It cannot play CDs or DVDs, but it is compatible with USB media players and iPods.

MSN Direct enhances your Pioneer Premier experience. MSN Direct informs you of oncoming traffic accidents, movie times, locations, directions and gas prices. It is important to note that MSN Direct is only available for the AVIC-F90BT, AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F500BT models. These Pioneer Premier navigation receivers include a free three-month trial subscription to MSN Direct, and after that it is available on a paid subscription basis.