Pioneer MVH-P8200

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Buying a new receiver can be a daunting task. Do you go with a CD player, cassette player or a mixture of both? Cassette players are a thing of the past and CD’s are quickly becoming a fading memory, so what should you do in a time like this? The new age of Digital Media Receivers have been introduced to the public. They are unique in the fact that they do not have a built-in CD player. In place of a CD player they tend to have inputs such as USB or SD Card slots, auxiliary inputs and iPod connections. Multimedia receivers have definitely been designed for a consumer who loves music and has a ton of it on their MP3 player.

What should I look for in a Digital Media Receiver? An iPod Connection or USB Input is pretty much essential when it comes to choosing a good digital media receiver. Pioneer has recently introduced their 2010 line of multimedia receivers, including the MVH-P8200. This is Pioneers first mech-free single DIN In-dash receiver. It has iPod USB Direct connectivity making it perfect for iPod lovers. The iPod connection will charge, control and allow your iPod to playback through the receiver and stereo system.  If you do not have an iPod, just plug your thumb drive into the receiver for hours of music. An SD Card slot may be another expandability option to look for when choosing a receiver. The SD Card slot provides access to digital media such as MP3, WMA and DivX files. With both a USB input and SD card slot, you will have no problems choosing how to listen to all your favorite songs while in the car.

Have you ever thought about streaming Bluetooth audio directly to your car? Some new digital receivers come with built-in Bluetooth such as the Pioneer MVH-P8200BT. So not only can you listen to music through the USB Input and SD Card slot, you can stream music from a Bluetooth enabled phone! Digital media receivers will provide your vehicle with exceptional sound quality while being stylish at the same time.