If you are a motorcycle owner, you probably desire getting great sound off of your bike. After all, who doesn’t enjoy listening to excellent sounding tunes while they ride? In order to achieve this, a motorcycle amp is extremely important in order to power your bike’s system – and therefore ensuring optimum sound on the road. In addition, these powerful motorcycle amps are also excellent for ATV and UTV applications. No matter what powersport audio install you need an amplifier for, these amps are perfect for a few different reasons.

Incredibly Small HousingNVX MVPA4

Whether you are looking to improve the sound system on  your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV, these vehicles don’t have much space for an amplifier. With motorcycles, you most likely will have two placement options for installing an amplifier – in either of the saddlebags or behind the fairing. Both of these spots give very little space for an amplifier. Therefore, you will need an amp that is extremely small in size such as the NVX MVPA1 and MVPA4. Both of the MPVA series amplifiers have enough power for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV sound system and are only a little bit bigger than an iPhone.

More than Enough Power

Even though these powersport amplifiers are extremely small in size, they have more than enough power for your sound system. Whether you’re looking to improve your audio system with subwoofers or speakers, you can be sure that these amplifiers will be able to power your entire sound system.

Special Materials

Most of these amps are specially designed with special materials that can withstand the vibrations and elemental exposure. In addition, many of these amps are waterproof, dust-proof, or weather-proof, ensuring that they will hold up to any conditions you will be riding in.

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