MB Quart NKF-692By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

MB Quart products have established a great reputation during their 40 years of manufacturing audio products. Once an independent line based in Germany, the MB Quart brand is now a subsidiary of the USA-based Maxxsonics Company. Despite the change in ownership, MB Quart products continue to generate tons of positive feedback from users. MB Quart is one of the leading producers of marine audio products, specifically designed for use in boats, motorcycles, and other outdoor applications. Their latest success story is their Nautic line of marine speakers.

If you are looking to add a set of 6” x 9” marine speakers to your boat, the MB Quart NKF692 marine speakers are the latest buzz in the marine audio world. It is well documented how MB Quart’s titanium dome tweeters produce exquisitely clear highs, and these speakers are no exception. These speakers feature a special marine grade version of MB Quart’s trademark tweeters and are designed specifically to sound great in open-air, outdoor conditions. MB Quart made sure to design these speakers with extra protection, as the built-in crossover even features special protective sealing lacquer. The built-in crossover enables the NKF692 speakers to filter highs and lows and produce melodious sound.

These 2-way speakers are fully marine certified and will withstand water, UV rays, and other outdoor hazards. As you inspect the speaker, you notice that the polyprolene cone has been injection molded to withstand heat in the outdoors environment. In terms of durability, the basket and grills are designed with UV-resistant fiber-reinforced material. Furthermore, the voice-coils are actually protected against direct water spray. Upon examining these speakers, it is clear that they will produce great sound for years to come.

An outdoors environment requires plenty of power to overcome background noise. These 6” x 9” speakers are a great choice because they pack 120 watts of continuous RMS power per pair. You will probably want to power this pair of marine speakers with a 2 channel marine amplifier. You might also bridge a 4-channel marine amp. Either way, these speakers are capable of filling your entre boat with the pleasant sound of your favorite tunes.