For those of you living in sunny Southern California, we get it riding season lasts all year. But for the rest of the country we have a limited time to enjoy our Harley Davidson. And believe me, your friends at Sonic Electronix understand the excitement and preparation that goes into it. For true Harley fanatics you start planning what mods you can do to your baby months before riding season even begins. She deserves to be pampered, she just spent the cold winter alone peaking through her cover, wondering when she will be loved again.

As riding season approaches, your anticipation only grows. The first thing you’re going to do is uncover and gently undust her, change the fluids, tune her up, start her up and listen to the engine purr while the garage fills with the beautiful aroma of exhaust fumes. Next you’ll start purchasing and installing your aftermarket components to be enjoyed during the summer months. Last year you decided your exhaust needed a little more bang and the year before that you invested in a new Bagger. For true fanatics you have a million different ideas and struggle choosing one feature to focus on this year. That is where Sonic Electronix comes in; we are going to help your Harley’s system sound better than it has ever sounded before.


For starters you’ll need a good source to feed your amplifier and speakers. There are three options for you to choose from:

  • You can use your stock radio on most Harley’s to run your system. Although it is stock and lacking a few features aftermarket products have, your music will still sound awesome.
  • An aftermarket radio works if you don’t like your stock radio or don’t have a stock radio but do have a space to put a radio. You can still retain your stock handlebar controls using the Axxess ASWC, which is designed to be plug and play on Harley’s.
  • The final option is to use an alternative source. This includes BT, aux chords, usb, etc. The recommended BT device is the NVX BT Control Knob.

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Now that you have an aftermarket stereo set up you will need a power source. Motorcycle amplifiers are compact and powerful. Here is a list of staff favorites:Rockford Fosgate Power TM400X4ad 400W Power Series Class-AD Marine 4-Channel Amplifier

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We chose 4-channel amplifiers because if you are only running two speakers this works, but also leaves you room for expandability if you want to add speakers in the rear. If you have the means we highly recommend a system utilizing four speakers.

  • Again at the top is Rockford Fosgate. The TMS65 is a pair of coaxial beasts. When played to its full potential it’ll sound like you’re front row at a ZZ Top concert.
  • Polk Audio’s db651 provides a high quality economical option.
  • We recommend Harley’s dating from 98-13 to upgrade their 5.25” to 6.5” speakers. You’ll need the Metra’s 82-9601 adapter for your speakers to fit properly. However if you ride a 2014 and up you should already have 6.5″ spots in your fairing.

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Adding speakers to the rear is not as simple as the front but even more rewarding. You’ll need a Cycle Sound’s 4405-0246 saddlebag speaker lid for Harley models 2014 and up. Whereas models ranging from 2013 and earlier will need Cycle Sound’s 4405-0136 lid to house the rear speakers.

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  • Our tech has a lot of install experience with Harleys and can help you put together the wiring and parts you need to put your awesome system into your baby.
  • Lastly and perhaps the most vital piece of information released; your bike has no bass.
    • Luckily, JL Audio’s Thin-Line 10TW3-D4 10” subwoofer was designed for just this occasion. Shaped like a pancake, this sub has a very thin mounting depth ideal for your bike. Install on the Bagger side facing the wheel. First you’ll want to cut the appropriate size hole and then you’ll use your fiberglass bag as an enclosure Use NVX sound damping materials to avoid horrible resonance.

JL Audio Thin-Line 10TW3-D4

  • Now you’ll need a monoblock amplifier to power your new JL subwoofer; the Rockford Fosgate TM500X1br is a great match. This amp is powerful, reliable, sturdy, and compact; ideal for any Harley. Although it comes at a high price range “if you have the means I highly recommend it.”

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