Enjoying your music on-the-go is becoming easier and easier today. One tough predicament was allowing users of motorcycles and bicycles to get an easy way to put speakers on their bikes. With the Handlebar and Tower Speakers found at Sonic Electronix, there is now an easy way to put an affordable set of speakers on your bike without having to hack into your wires.

The Pyle PLBKA60BK Waterproof Handlebar Speakers have clear output and can be used wherever you like!

There are a couple of different solutions available on the market that allow for this simple addition to your bike. Pyle’s PLBKA60BK is a great speaker set that can mount to your handlebars with included brackets. This 150W speaker set does not require to be connected to a dedicated power source. How can they handle 150W without a 12v wired connection you ask? Well, Pyle’s new design is geared towards using battery sourced amplification . A rechargeable battery pack allows for minimizing your installation work, and for keeping the speakers separate from the bike. You can even detach the system and put it onto a different ride if you’d like. The speakers have a USB input, and can support MP3 and WMA file types. This allows for your entire digital collection to be easily played back on the speakers. A charger is included to allow you to charge the speakers when they’re not in use.

Similar, more permanent solutions are on the market as well. The Boss MC300 is a great speaker set which is also designed for the handlebars of a motorcycle. Instead of using battery sourced amplification, this system has amplification built-in, but must be connected to a 12v power and ground. These speakers, with their dedicated installation, means that they’re a little less portable than the Pyle alternative, but great for those who want to put this on one application and keep it there.

Keep your music with you wherever you go! These speakers are a great way to keep the tunes rolling no matter where the road takes you.