Clear Harmony Able Planet
We recently visited Able Planet at CES, and were able to hear the difference when using their headphones. Their Linx Technology was the focus of the event and it was certainly an improvement for higher frequencies when jamming to your headphones.

Now when purchasing Able Planet headphones, some really cool gifts are included. Each of the Able Planet headphone lineup all has an Apple iPod to allow you to keep enjoying your music on a portable device capable of high-fidelity audio playback.

Clear Harmony with iPod TouchThe top of the line Able Planet Clear Harmony 1100B over-ear, noise-canceling headphones are a great option to consider for audiophiles who want to get the best out of their music. The Linx Technology can also help when trying to really juice out the high frequencies in your music. You don’t have to be obsessed with your music quality to appreciate these headphones either – their noise reduction makes them great for travelers. They’re also durable enough to be an option for a DJ and any music lover can really appreciate how these sound. Their gift is an iPod Touch, which is the ultimate portable multimedia device. Now you can take whatever entertainment you want on the go and enjoy the sounds with Able Planet headphones.

Sound Clarity Able PlanetAlso a favorite is the Sound Clarity NC500SC over-ear headphones by Able Planet. These headphones are comparable to the Clear Harmony series, except the drivers aren’t as large so they cannot attain the same output you find on the Clear Harmony. The Sound Clarity, however, is a great series to consider for the same type of listener, just a better budget option. This also includes an iPod Nano as a gift to help you keep your music on the go.

Finally, the True Fidelity NC300B headphones are the perfect option for those looking to try out their first high-grade set of headphones. Also great for those on a budget, these feature the Linx technology found on other high-end Able Planet headphones. They also feature active noise cancellation. You’ll get an iPod Shuffle when you go with these True Fidelity headphones.