Kenwood eXcelon Subwoofers

There is something special about JL Audio products. From the subwoofers to the amplifiers, there is an undeniable aura that emanates from that JL logo. It’s something that represents quality, passion, high fidelity, and pride. Talk to anyone that has a JL Audio product in their car and you will always hear the same thing. Each one will give you a personal testimony of the JL quality and the audiophile sound it creates. JL Audio is proud of the components that they manufacture and are excited about the new JX Series of amplifiers.

The JL Audio JX Series of car amplifiers is a new line for 2011 and is designed with a moderate price tag. The main premise behind the JX amplifier is to provide a solid, high performing amplifier without all the fancy frills that make other amplifiers expensive. By keeping it simple and focusing on what really matters to an amplifier, JL Audio is able to create an amplifier series that is affordable to the average consumer, yet respected by the strictest of car audio fanatic. This is what the JX Series is all about and they do it well.

The line of JX Amplifiers includes a 2-channel, a 4-channel, and three monoblock amplifiers. The entire line is class A/B with the exception of the JL Audio JX1000/1D, which is the lone class D. The A/B circuitry helps JL keep the cost of the amplifiers down while keeping the quality up. The JX 1000/1D has a 1000-watt output at 2 ohm. This is a perfect rating for a single high output subwoofer, or a pair of moderately powered subs. One of the convenient features of the class D monoblock is that it is housed in a chassis the same size as the JX250/1. That is the beauty of class D technology. Four times the power in the same case! Start your system off right by checking out the new JL Audio JX Series amplifiers.