When it comes down to choosing the right car stereo for your vehicle, the Jensen VM series has something for everybody. The lineup features 5 single DIN models, and 5 double DIN models which are all loaded with different features. The single DIN VM’s feature a 7” LCD screen and are all priced in the range of two to three hundred dollars, while the VM double DIN models all sport a 6.2” screen and are priced in the range of two to five hundred dollars.

Standard Features Across The Series

Jensen has really one-upped the market with their high quality car stereos. Each head-unit has 3 sets of RCA outputs that can be utilized for adding multiple amplifiers into your audio system. These stereos are all designed to work with Apple devices, meaning you may plug in your iPhone or iPod directly into the front or rear USB connection and have full control of your music library through the controls on the head-unit. Additionally, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3, and WMA files are supported across the entire line of VM stereos.

The Style and Features You Want

The VM9214 is the most basic model of the series, available both in double DIN as well as single DIN. By purchasing separate Jensen modules, you may add on features such as Bluetooth or even navigation. The high end VM9424BT has built-in Bluetooth for hands free talk and for wirelessly streaming your music from your cell phone. The included navigation contains 11 million points of interest to ensure you will never get lost again. With each step up to the next head-unit in the series, you will get more and more features that will keep you driving efficiently and keep your passengers entertained.

Jensen Has What You’re Looking For

When you are looking for a new stereo for your vehicle, consider that the Jensen VM lineup will likely have the perfect product you are looking for. With an unbelievable amount of features, support of multiple file types, and audio quality that is superior to most others, these user friendly stereos can be the perfect solution to your aftermarket car receiver needs.