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By Kyle Duffy  – Product Specialist

Humans are naturally curious creatures, we tend to ask a lot of questions and some of us are Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY), we take matters into our own hands. Some of us will leave the dirty work to others, but still need to know the right stuff to get for the job. Thank technology for the creation of the internet (or you wouldn’t be reading this) and forums! An Internet forum is an online discussion site where you can submit questions or information for other to see and discuss. Sonic Electronix just rolled out forums of their very own, where you can go get your questions answered, answer questions to help others, or just keep up on what’s what in the car audio world. Some of you may be new to the idea of “forums”, but don’t fret, let’s see why you should join the ever growing Sonic Electronix community.

With the Sonic Electronix forum, you can ask the car audio community any questions you may have about speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers or the like. In the middle of an install you’re trying to pull off yourself, and you have no idea how to proceed? Ask on the forums! Let the community help you out, it’s best not to blow fuses, mentally or physically when you’re stuck on wiring. You may be ready to buy a big system, but want some advice on the parts you chose to make sure they are quality, compatible parts. No problem, ask on the forums! Now, I know some of you have some pretty sweet rides with bumping systems installed, and I know you want to show it off. On the Sonic Electronix forums, post some pictures and show off your ride to your fellow audiophiles. Confident you know all about car audio, maybe even installed a bunch of systems? Help out those less fortunate and answer their questions, they only wan’t some friendly advice after all.

Don’t be afraid, forums are the now, and the future. Don’t you think it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and keep up with the world population and communication?

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