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How do I Know if my Car Speaker is Blown?

No matter how much you care for your car audio system, malfunctions are bound to happen. A wire could come...

How to Improve Sound Quality

The average person spends roughly an hour commuting to work and back. This doesn’t include running errands or leisurely Sunday drives. It...

How to Install a Line Output Converter

Required ToolsElectrical Butt Connectors VoltmeterAdditional WiresScrewdriverPanel Removal ToolsKeep in mind there are variableswith each vehiclethat may alter these steps.

8 Common Mistakes Made by Car Audio n00bies and How To...

Hi kids, like all things in life there are lessons to be learned when venturing into something new. Many of which we teach ourselves,...

Troubleshooting Car Amplifiers

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist It can be really discouraging to install a car amplifier only to have it not work.  For those that...

How to Prevent your Vehicles Amplifier from Overheating

By David D. – Product Specialist If you have a sound system in your vehicle, then it is possible you are familiar with your amplifier...