Monster Cable Performance Car

By David Doyle – Product Specialist

There are many important components when it comes to installing a car audio/video system. Most people only think about headunits, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers when purchasing a system, never putting much thought into the wiring that connects all of those expensive components together. Wiring is usually the one thing a lot of people look past. This is a big mistake. To get the best possible sound quality out of your stereo system, you need to use good wires and cables.

Before I started working here at Sonic Electronix, I had no idea the difference good speaker cable could make in my cars sound system. I was never really that satisfied with my system, I had high performance equipment in there too. So I asked one of my co-workers if he knew what I could do to enhance the clarity of my system, he informed me that he had the same problem before he added Monster Cable to his vehicle. When I heard his system, I was blown away by the clarity. His system was probably half the cost of mine but sounded noticeably better. That same day, I purchased some Monster 400 series Speaker Cable, got it installed, and it honestly sounds like a got a brand new system. I could not be happier.

Monster Cable has been known for manufacturing the best home theater wires and cables we have today. One thing you may not have known about Monster is that they also put the same great qualities into their car audio/video cables that has made their home theater cables famous all over the world.

When it comes to achieving superior audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Most Monster Performance Car Cables are equipped with 2-way time correct windings, which is a patented winding process of separate high and low frequency wire networks that greatly improve sound clarity. Monster Cable uses a large copper conductor surface area to achieve the maximum power transfer, a patented Magnetic Flux Tube to minimize distortion, microfiber dielectric minimizes signal loss, and the DuraFlex HexMesh Protective Jacket provides easy installation and maximum durability. I can assure you that these awesome features will not be found in that cheap speaker cable most of us use.

If you want your system to sound like it was meant to, get rid of those cheap wires and get yourself some Monster Speaker Cable. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.