There is nothing like the sound of a quality subwoofer as you cruise around in your vehicle. Investing in subs and boxes is one of the most common additions to any sound system and can provide many years of enjoyment. With that being said, it is very important to protect your subwoofer to avoid issues and costly replacements. 

Whether your subs are in the trunk or under a seat, there are a number of cost-effective solutions to keep those subwoofer cones and parts from being damaged. Here are a few smart and sure-fire ways to protect your subwoofer today!

1. Add a grille to cover your subwoofer that is specifically designed by the manufacturer

One simple solution for many subs is to add a grill (or grille) to the front of it. A subwoofer grille is typically a plastic or steel mesh material that is easy to install right over your existing subs. For example, many manufacturers make grilles specific to their woofers to ensure the right fit and easy install. Take a look at JL Audio’s 12″ subwoofer grille which is made for select JL Audio 12″ subwoofers. Many of these covers do not require any hardware and snap right over your sub. 

To easily search for specific grilles for your subs, view our subwoofer grilles page and filter by brand on the left side of the page. If a specific grille is unavailable for your subs, there are covers that are more universal to fit your size speaker. One option is a waffle grill cover that will work with many different brands and sizes.

2. Add a bar grille to protect your sub

If you do not like the look of mesh grilles or cannot find a specific mesh grille for your subwoofer, a bar grille can be a great choice. These bar grilles can universally fit your sized subwoofer, even if you purchase from a different brand. For example, JL Audio 8W7 bar grilles are made from brushed aluminum and come in various sizes (8”, 10”, 12”, and 13”). 

With a mounting template included, you will need to drill a few holes in the face of the box and pressure fit them in which provides a clean looking installation and very good protection. 

Kicker 47TRTP102

3. Build or purchase a down-firing subwoofer box

Since the large majority of subwoofer boxes are front-facing, which leave the speakers exposed to potential damage, down-firing sub boxes like the Kicker 47TRTP102 may be a great solution for you. A downward-firing box will have the speaker(s) facing down toward the floor, rather than being visible and facing outward. Not only does this protect the subwoofer itself, but it can also help disguise or hide the box from thieves.

Another option is to retrofit a front-firing box into a down-firing box. To do so, mounting feet will have to be added to the face of the box itself. These should leave about 1.5” of clearance between the box and the floor itself. For the most professional look, you will want to hide all wiring and can finish the box with the same color fabric or material to match your vehicle. 

As you can see, there are a few great options for protecting your subwoofer. With groceries, tools, kid toys, and other items being stored in close proximity to your subwoofers, being proactive is a wise decision!


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