A subwoofer is the most common speaker added to an aftermarket stereo system. Whether it is being stored under the seat or in the truck, there are accessories that can be added to the sub in its enclosure for an almost crash proof ride.

Add a grille or bar to cover your subwoofer that is specifically designed by the manufacturer

A simple solution is to add a grill (or grille). A subwoofer grill is a plastic or steel mesh material that’s installed over the front of the speaker either on the speaker itself or on the enclosure opening. 

Manufacturers make grilles specific to their woofers to ensure the right fit and easy install. Take a look at JL Audio’s 12″ subwoofer grille which is made for select JL Audio 12″ subwoofers. Many of these covers do not require extra hardware and snap right over your sub. 

To search for specific grilles for your subs, view the subwoofer grilles page and filter by brand on the left side of the page. If a specific grille is unavailable for your subs, there are covers that offer a universal fit for each speaker size. 

If you do not like the look of mesh grilles or cannot find a specific mesh grille for your subwoofer, a bar grille can be a great choice. Bar grilles can universally fit your sized subwoofer, even if you purchase from a different brand. For example, JL Audio 8W7 bar grilles are made from brushed aluminum and come in  8”, 10”, 12”, and 13” sizes.

A mounting template is included with most bar grilles for easy installation. With the template taped to the enclosure, drill holes in the assigned spaces and snap the grille in for long term protection.

Kicker TRTP82 (48TRTP82)

Build or purchase a down-firing subwoofer box

Since the large majority of subwoofer boxes are front-facing, this leaves the speakers exposed to potential damage. A down-firing sub boxes like the Kicker TRTP82 may be an alternative protection measure.  This one includes a forced air mechanism to keep the unit cool.

A downward-firing box will have the speaker facing down toward the floor, rather than facing outward. Not only does this protect the subwoofer itself, but it can also help disguise it from would-be thieves.

It’s possible to retro-fit a front-firing box into a down-firing box. To do so, feet will have to be added to the face of the box. These posts should leave 1.5” of clearance between the box and the car floor.