Brutus BRX Amplifiers
Today we visited the Maxxsonics booth at CES in Las Vegas and found out was in store for Hifonics Amplifiers in 2013. This year it looks like they’ve designed an entire amplifier lineup for their Brutus line titled “BRX”. Previously, the Brutus lineup exclusively featured Monoblock amplifiers. However, this year the Brutus BRX lineup will feature both full range and monoblock configurations – and they’re even throwing in a 5-channel for good measure! In fact, this year it looks like the Brutus BRX lineup will feature a total of 9 amplifiers!

Brutus BRX Terminals
The Brutus BRX amplifiers will have some standard features found across the entire series. Molded and angled illuminated terminals for stylish designs and a stress free installation access. Accu-Cross crossovers allow for adjustments and for sound shaping and Ultra-Fi MOSFET power supplies ensure the amplifier can maximize its sound capabilities.

To distinguish between the full-range multi-channel amplifiers and the monoblock amplifiers, two different Class’s of Brutus Amplifiers are available. The multi-channel amplifiers are coined the “Super A/B Class” and the monoblocks are the “NGSD Next Generation Super D-Class.” The Super A/B Class was initially developed for the flagship Mt. Olympus amplifiers and is only featured on the BRX and the Brutus Elite line of amplifiers from Hifonics. The NGSD digital chip design in the monoblocks has been tweaked to provide an extremely efficient, low temperature, high amplification system.