Hifonics HFi 12D4

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The Hifonics HiFi series subwoofers are ideal for anyone looking for extreme power without the extreme price. Although it is part of their “entry-level” line, the HiFi series integrates many of the technologies found in their high-end woofers.  This subwoofer series was developed by the manufacturer using software that identifies weaknesses prior to it being shipped out. So not only are you getting loud bass, you are getting strength and durability as well.

The Hifonic HFi 12D4 is a 12” HiFi Series dual 4 ohm subwoofer. It is capable of pushing 300 watts of power that is sure to make heads turn.  A sturdy rubber surround prevents the woofer from tearing even from the stress of continuous bass. Spring loaded terminals guarantee a secure connection that will not allow the wires to come loose. This unbelievable subwoofer is designed with enhanced thermal dissipation, greater power handling, and an optimized suspension system for clean bass reproduction with low frequency extension. With all of these amazing features, you can be sure that this subwoofer will last for years to come. Not sure what type of box to buy? For the best possible sound, this HiFi subwoofer will perform best in a small sealed or ported enclosure.

For intense bass on a small budget, the Hifonics HiFi series is the way to go!