By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Adding headrest monitors to your vehicle makes it easy to entertain backseat passengers on long road trips. Headrest monitors are truly a godsend for parents, as you can pop in your child’s favorite cartoon movie and keep them entertained for hours. The Eiger Vision EV-90011 line is a great addition to just about any vehicle, as these headrests are available in gray, dark gray, black and beige. At 9″, these monitors will amaze the rear seat passengers with their realistic screen quality.

Since Eiger Vision EV-90011 headrest monitors use IR transmitter technology, rear seat passengers can use wireless headphones to listen to their favorite programming without disturbing the front seat passengers. Imagine listening to your favorite music or radio programming while the “backseat bunch” tunes into their movie or video game soundtrack. In that sense, headrest monitors will make carting your kids around easier than ever before. These LCD screens are great for watching movies, playing video games or for viewing any other types of on-screen media.

In terms of screen quality, this LCD monitor has an immaculate 480 x 234 resolution and a variable 16:9 / 4:3 display for proportionate picture viewing. You can control the brightness, contrast, saturation and tint settings to find the perfect image balance. The screen’s adjustable controls enable you to tilt the screen in order to mitigate the effect of sunlight glare. It also has adjustable mounting poles, which makes it easy to change the height of the headrest monitor.

Eiger Vision’s engineer team wisely incorporated a zipup leather flap as a theft prevention measure. Zipping up the flap conceals the LCD screen when parked. This flap also helps guard against scratches by allowing you to easily cover the screen when it is not in use. When you order these from our website, you get a matching pair of screens, one for the driver’s seat headrest and one for the passenger’s seat headrest. Each pair includes a remote control for navigating through these screen’s menu options.