Bazooka BA460

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Upgrading a car stereo can be an exciting project.  Loud powerful bass, in-dash DVD players, and breathtaking sound quality are just some of the benefits of installing aftermarket components in your car.  With all these being said, it is sometime difficult to look at the final price tag of the system.  Quality components often are not cheap and can cost a lot of money.  Finding the best deal is always important for both saving money, as well as achieving the best sound possible.  Car amplifiers are often chosen last in a system, but they can also be the most expensive.  Although finding a quality amplifier with a low price can be hard to do, it is not impossible.

The Bazooka BA460 is a 4-channel amplifier with excellent output and a value price.  Southern Audio Services is most commonly known for the Bazooka bass tubes that they manufacturer, but they also have many other products that are reliable.  The Bazooka BA460 is a CEA-2006 compliant amplifier rated at 60 watts through 4 channels at 4 ohms.  That is a perfect companion for many of the aftermarket speakers that are available on the market today.  If the connected speakers are rated at 2 ohms, then the BA460 will effectively send 85 watts to each speaker.  It also features high-level inputs that enable the amplifier to be connected to a factory (OEM) stereo.  Whether the installed stereo is factory direct or aftermarket, this amplifier is fully compatible.  To make the installation even nicer, Bazooka has included chrome end caps that conceal the wire connections and adjustment knobs.  Simply connect the amp, cover the ends, and you wont have to worry about something accidently disconnecting a wire or changing a setting.  Unlike its expensive comparable amps, the Bazooka BA460 is a value amplifier with a low price.