Sound Bar Vs. a Customized Audio System

One of the first decisions that you need to make when buying speakers for your ATV or UTV is deciding whether you more of an all-in-one speaker or if you want more of a customized experience. There are options out there that offer the speakers, amp and Bluetooth connectivity all together. One of our most popular options on our website would be a waterproof soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity.  Some customers may want a more customizable experience. In their case, they might want to go the route of buying separate speakers and an amp. It is important to purchase marine speakers that will be waterproof and weather resistant.

All-in-One Speakers & Sound Bars

Something like this SoundStorm Bluetooth speaker is only $73 and it has handlebar mounts that will offer more directional audio. An option like this offers affordability and easy use and installation. Another option would be this Boss sound system gives you more of a soundbar experience and it’s marked down right now as well. This offers that all-in-one experience that keeps it simple. It even includes an LED on the back and an additional storage on the top. The biggest advantage to something like this would be the ease of use and simple plug and play installation. All you essentially have to do is mount it to your existing ATV rack.

Customized Experience

However, an all in one experience isn’t for everyone. Some people like the ability to customize their equipment. Many people that go this route decide to buy marine speakers and a mini amp that they can connect to via Bluetooth. Something like this Kenwood KAC-M1824BT offers a Bluetooth experience and water resistant remote. This eliminates the need for a receiver while allowing up to 180W RMS of power. One of the largest advantages to going this route is that can have as much or as little power you want. Also, you can upgrade individual parts in the future without replacing the entire sound system.


Nevertheless, what route you ultimately decide is left up to you. It completely comes down to personal preference. Are you someone who wants to buy something that’s already set up and all you have to do is mount it or are you someone who likes to pick and choose individual parts? Either option would work, you just have to choose what would be best for your needs. For more articles like this one, head over to our blog or go to our learning center for how to articles and tutorials.