2011 Kicker Training at Sonic Electronix

Every year Sonic Electronix gets the opportunity to get product training directly from the manufacturers. Shortly after the release of the 2011 Kicker Product Line, Sonic gets the privilege of sitting down with Kicker’s Global Training Director to be taught all about the new products. This year was one of the best training sessions to date and one of the most informative. With so many new Kicker products and technologies, it seemed like there just wasn’t enough time to cover all the material. In this blog we will give you a glimpse at what was covered.

Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT)
All the new 2011 Kicker Amplifiers have integrated FIT circuitry. In short, this means that the amplifier will eliminate unnecessary noise and electrical interference. This noise is primarily caused by low-end car stereos or the abundance of electrical equipment inside of a car. The amplifiers will reject this noise and provide a clean output.

Kicker L3 Subwoofers
A brand new line of subwoofers was released for 2011 and they are impressive! Essentially the Solo-Baric L3 subwoofer is a square version of the popular Kicker CVR. Just like the Kicker L7 is a square Kicker CVX, the L3 is a square CVR. The subwoofers even have the same power handling ratings. For example, the Kicker 10” S10L34 has a RMS rating of 400 watts which is the same as the 10” Kicker CVR. This makes switching between these two subwoofers easy. The main difference between the to subs is the sound. The square design of the L3 subwoofer will create a louder, deeper sound, while the CVR will be a little more responsive and clean. Either way, the subwoofers sound great. The L3 bring the quality square sub to a reasonable price.

Since all of the Sonic Electronix customer service representative are trained on the new Kicker products, you can be sure to get all the right answers. If you have questions on your Kicker products, Sonic Electronix is sure to have answer. That’s one of the biggest advantages about being an authorized dealer for Kicker.