XS Power XS Series

When it comes to wiring up a car audio system, the wire you choose is extremely important. Whether you are running a moderately powered system that requires 4 gauge primary wire, or a high wattage system that requires 1/0 Gauge, the quality of wire makes a huge difference.  Having a solid power and ground connection could mean the difference between a clear sounding audio system, or one filled with interference.

XS Power 4 Gauge
XS Power 4 Gauge Primary Wire comes in red, blue, black, as well as clear!

When it comes to manufacturing quality primary wire, XS Power doesn’t cut any corners, or cut out any wire strands. With XS Power XP Series 1/0 gauge wiring, you get a full 5,250 strand count. The cables are also extremely flexible, designed to be pulled around every corner and tight nook of your vehicle. If you’re interested in longevity of cable life, and making your cables last as long as possible, you may want to consider their XS Series, which is designed with 100% Oxygen free copper. This means the cables will be lasting you years without having any issues with corrosion.

XS Power designs their primary wire kits in 1/0 gauge, as well as 4 gauge to work with a variety of audio systems. They come in large spools of 50, or 100 feet, and are available in many different colors. Stock up on your wiring with affordable, reliable product, designed by XS Power!