Avital 5103L
When it comes to aftermarket convenience options for your car, there is nothing more popular than the addition of remote start. Remote start systems allow you to start your vehicle from a distance with just the press of a button. These systems can come in handy for a variety of reasons and help benefit your vehicle as well as yourself. Sonic Electronix has a huge selection on Remote Car Starters, and there isn’t a better time to have one installed than before the upcoming hot summer.

Responder 350
Systems like the Viper Responder 350 include LCD screens to confirm remote starts, and also provide optional alerts

A great reason for remote start is simply comfort. Who doesn’t want to jump into an A/C cooled vehicle during the upcoming summer months? Remote start has always been a prominent option for making your vehicle the ultimate comfort zone before you even jump in. During the winter months your vehicle can be a safe haven from the cold temperatures, and during the hot summer months there’s nothing better than an air conditioned vehicle at a nice 72 degrees (or whatever your personal preference is, I won’t judge). Keep in mind that when adding a remote start system to your vehicle, there are options that also have alarms built in. If you’re also interested in security, you may want to consider the Car Alarms with Remote Start.




You should also consider that, when your vehicle starts up, it needs a short amount of ‘warming up’ before it’s optimal to drive. About 90% of the time, I find myself ignoring any warm up for my engine and jetting off within 5 seconds of my vehicle being started with keys. When I sit down, I’m ready to go. When these are the circumstances, you are making your vehicle work much harder than it needs to. If you give your vehicle some time to warm up before accelerating away, you’re allowing all of the fluids to run through your vehicles engine and other components, reaching a uniform temperature which makes the engine much more efficient and ready for travel. This is especially true in climates that are colder, and some climates that are very hot. Adding a remote start system means when you’re ready to go, so is your vehicle.


Crimestopper SP101
Remote Start Systems and Car Alarms are tough to install! All systems, even this simple Crimestopper SP-101, are recommended for professional installation only

Keep in mind with Remote Start Systems there are a few features implemented to allow for security on your vehicle as well. When you press the button to start your car, the vehicle won’t just be sitting there with an engine running ready to be stolen. The car is automatically locked when the remote start feature is activated to prevent any curious bystanders. Not only is the vehicle locked, but the car will automatically shut off if the brake is pressed without the key already in the ignition. This means the moment a potential thief attempts to switch the vehicle out of gear it will shut off. It’s fairly easy to test this fail-safe on your own, and you probably will when it slips your mind to insert the keys before driving off. Like I said before, when I sit down I’m ready to go.