Most original factory stereos use preset equalization curves that are designed to get the most out of your car’s factory speakers. When you add aftermarket speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers to your system, your OEM stereo’s equalizer preset curves do not adjust. This results in underperformance. This is why you need to add an equalizer to your car’s sound system. There are two main types of equalizers: dash and trunk. Dash equalizers are typically installed near the head unit so that you can adjust them frequently, while trunk equalizers are only adjusted periodically.

Sound processors reshape the output of your factory stereo’s preset equalization curves to ensure you get optimal performance out of your aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. A factory sound processor will undermine bass production because it is designed to curb bass production in order to prevent the factory speakers from blowing. In addition, a sound processor will give you the full control you need to produce a high quality sound in the noisy vehicle environment. You will love the hands-on control that an equalizer gives you over your subwoofer output.  You will find most equalizers have a separate subwoofer preamp output with a low-pass filter. Some EQs will even activate the high-pass filters on the front and rear channels while you use the subwoofer preamp output.

A parametric sound equalizer helps you tune your system to the perfect balance. These audio equalizers will also help eliminate infrasonic distortions for a crisper and clearer audio output. The signal relayed from the sound processor to the amp will not have the limitations imposed by factory stereo processors. The result is a more efficient amplifier and a better sound. It is easy to install your aftermarket sound processor, just connect it to the head unit, amps, and subs using speaker wires.

Whether it’s parametric equalizers or Digital Sound Processors, you will enjoy multiple equalization bands with numerous presets and programmable EQ curves. The equalization bands enable you to adjust the sound frequency range, and the presets and programmable curves save your settings so that you will enjoy great sound all the time. You can specify curves for rock, rap, and any other style of music. This can make a world of difference as each style of music uses different tones and rhythms.

Make the upgrade and add an EQ to your system. Doing so will make your tunes sound as though you were live in the studio with the artist.

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