What is the purpose of a ground wire? A ground wire provides the least resistance to “earth ground” or chassis ground so that there is little possibility for a human to get electrocuted. If you touch a live wire, your body completes the circuit which then could electrocute and potentially kill you. Ground wires are a safety feature and a must in almost all applications with electricity. Amplifiers are a source of a lot of power, so it is crucial they are grounded to prevent any problems. So, where exactly should you ground your amplifier?

The ground for the amplifier should be directed to a bare metal area of the car body, within eighteen inches of the amp’s location. Your objective is to try to ground to the main chassis or the sub frame. The most common amplifier grounding locations in a vehicle are anywhere that has a bolt directly connected to the metal chassis. However, these bolts are normally glued to keep them from unscrewing, so LockTight or mild bolt adhesive should be used to re-secure them. If you’re mounting your amplifier in the trunk, the most common ground would be the strut tower. You have to be sure to sand down any paint or rust until you see the shiny metal underneath for the best connection.

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