When researching subwoofer boxes, there is a good chance that you will see a variety of features and options. You will also likely run into debates and information about sealed and ported subwoofer boxes. This refers to the type of cabinet design being used. Let’s take a look at what the differences are between the two and why that may matter to you. 

What is the difference?

The difference between the two is extremely simple: a ported enclosure, also known as a vented enclosure, has a small or port (vent) that allows air to escape from inside the enclosure, while the sealed enclosure does not. Just as the name suggests, everything is completely sealed in this type of box.

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Characteristics of Sealed Boxes

When an enclosure is sealed, the air is contained and does not enter or exit the box. This, in turn, creates tighter, more accurate bass. These types of boxes are usually preferred by people who want bass but don’t want thundering bass. They are also smaller in size as well. Nevertheless, these boxes do tend to require more power than that of a ported box to get equal performance at higher volumes. Make sure to purchase an amplifier that will provide ample wattage for the best results.

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Characteristics of Ported Boxes

With ported subwoofer boxes, the bass will hit harder and louder. While sealed boxes moderate the cone’s movement, ported boxes allow air to move freely through the port creating a louder sound. Ported boxes also tend to be the better option for those who listen to Hip-Hop, Rap, and EDM due to the fact that they produce louder bass. They also tend to run more efficiently and the additional airflow keeps the subwoofers cooler, thus helping with their longevity. One disadvantage is that ported boxes are also larger because that additional port takes up more space. This is something you will have to consider based upon which vehicle you are installing the box in.

Which option you choose is entirely up to you. Are you someone who wants tight, accurate bass or are you someone who wants a louder, hard-hitting system. If you are someone who is looking for a new subwoofer enclosure and still hasn’t upgraded your subwoofer, make sure to look at our options here. Also, visit our helpful how-to category to find a number of insightful articles that will help you get started.