By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

There is no better accomplishment when installing a CD receiver than to have it integrate seamlessly with your vehicles interior. Most stereos come with two or three different color options that aren’t even close to matching your OEM lights. With new technologies coming out to enhance the look of your vehicle, it is no wonder why so many car audio companies have started giving consumers the option to change the colors on their head unit.

Variable color illumination has become prominent on many of the 2010 Receivers. Choosing your perfect color with this new feature has never been so easy. It already offers 30 preset colors and has over 30,000 customizable colors for you to choose from. One company that has introduced this illumination idea is JVC. The KW-XR810 is part of the 2010 head units and comes with over 30,000 customizable color options providing you with a great look while matching your vehicle’s interior. A few months ago, JVC came to Sonic Electronix for product training and brought these amazing head units with them for our employees to test out. Not only does the head unit have a variable color illumination, but it has a separated variable color option. This will allow you to change the button color and display color. The display and buttons can either have the same color, or you can change each one to a different color. This come in handy if you have two favorite colors and want both to show at the same time for a fun and cool vibe. As if the customizable colors and separation colors isn’t enough, this CD player lets you change colors for day and night time modes. All you have to do is program colors for day mode and night mode, than switch them over as you want.

JVC is not the only company to come out with a variable color options. Other manufacturers such as Pioneer have also jumped on the band wagon with optional colors combinations. The Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD is just one of Pioneers new 2010 receiver that will also provide you with this cool technology. Although it doesn’t have as many color combinations, the 112 button lighting colors are just enough to make your vehicle perfect. Along with being able to change the button colors, you will have the choice of choosing a display color to match.

With the right to choose your own color, your receiver will match your style perfectly and will be like no other on the market today. Be creative and show off your personality through your vehicle!