RE Audio SEX12D4

When a new year begins, it’s only natural that it also insinuates another year’s end. 2010 brought us some amazing products, and as it comes close to its end, it’s only right to give respect to the best subwoofers of 2010. This doesn’t necessarily mean the largest subwoofers manufactured in Car Audio this year, but more or less notable technologies, breakthroughs, or any other awesome features implemented into newly released subwoofers.

Since power handling usually gets the first mention, we’ll start by mentioning the Rockford Fosgate T2D412. This subwoofer replaced the T212D4, which used to have a chrome cone and basket. It has been redesigned to maintain a sleek charcoal black color throughout, and has received an upgraded power handling of 1200 watts RMS power. Redesigned for 2010 the market was stunned upon seeing these beautiful new woofers.
For a mid-ranged subwoofer, the Alpine Type-R SWR-1243D was redesigned in 2010. This new design not only affected its cone design and looks, but also has technical benefits. The new Alpine Type R is shallower than the previous model by almost a full inch! This allows it to not only sound better in smaller enclosures, but fit in a wider variety of vehicles. Think just because this subwoofer is more compact this year that it can’t handle as much power? Think again. The new Type-R has also been rated to have an additional 100 watts of power handling over its predecessor. The new Type R has been a top seller from the moment it was released for mainstream distribution and to this day is a favorite for car audio enthusiasts all around the world.

The breakthroughs the previously mentioned subwoofers have undertaken are exciting, but not near as exciting as when RE Audio introduced their revamped version of the SE Subwoofer. The RE Audio SEX12D4 model introduced in 2010 is among the favorites for car audio beginners are veterans alike. It’s affordability combined with its unique power handling make it one of a kind in its class. Coupled with 600 watts of power handling, this subwoofer is sure to make an impacting impression in your car.

Honorable mentions this year are also the Kicker CompVX. This redesigned cone was stunning and was one of the best woofers around redesigned. The Precision Power PPI PC.12 is another subwoofer that has been among the best valued subwoofers of 2010. It’s unique design and paper cone allowed for exceptional SPL and deep bass notes.