CES 2011

The end of the year is an awesome time for Car Audio. Consumers have had sufficient time to test out and break in their new gear and have some feedback for the manufactures to take back to the drawing board. CES 2011 is closing in and Sonic Electronix is preparing to visit some manufactures at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and find out what their new year has to offer for the industry.

With the amount of manufactures that Sonic Electronix carries, it can be tough to meet with them all, but it’s planned to visit with Kicker, MTX Audio, RE Audio, Boston Acoustics, Audiovox, Alpine, Monster, Myron & Davis, Maxxsonics, Scosche, JVC, Dual, AutoPage, Clarion, VIBE Audio and many more! These are just a few of the manufactures that Sonic Electronix will be catching up with to help everyone see what the New Year has to offer for the car audio industry. A lot of advances were made at last year’s CES 2010 and a lot of manufactures revamped their entire product line-up. It could be a groundbreaking year for new car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, or car speakers and their developers may just be holding back for the unveiling for the world’s most anticipated release of consumer electronics.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a yearly event held for new electronics to be showcased and introduced for their first time. This year it’s expected to see new products, and new technologies that will shine a light on the Car Audio Industry. As always, Sonic Electronix is focused on bringing the most up to date information possible on what’s going on with CES 2011 in the Car Audio/Video catagory. So keep an eye on the Sonic Electronix Blog for constant, up to the minute updates directly from CES 2011.