Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifiers* are thoroughly tested by our in-house experts for accurate power output compared to manufacturer stated ratings, ensuring you know the true power ratings before you purchase your amplifier.

Our certified amps are professionally tested to determine true amplifier power output using our SMD Amplifier Dyno. We put these amplifiers through both a certified test and a dynamic test to give you the most accurate information about these amplifiers. When in certified mode, the SMD Amp Dyno utilizes the SMD patented DD-1 distortion detection system to determine whether it is measuring clean power or not. This is accomplished by slowly building power input until the system measures greater than 1% harmonic distortion and takes a final power reading and battery voltage rating at that point. The Dynamic Test utilizes industry standard burst signals to capture the power generated by the amp.

The benefits of these tests are to ensure you don’t have to guess as to whether the amplifier you’re purchasing will meet your power needs. Some amplifiers have greatly exaggerated power ratings which are attempting to deceive consumers with huge numbers rather than accurate ratings. With the Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifier rating, you know exactly what you’ll be getting!