By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Shallow mount subwoofers are a great compact substitution to full size subwoofers.  As an example, look at the MB Quart RLP 304.  Instead of having a deep mounting depth with a large magnet, these slim subwoofers are able to fit in locations that other subwoofers cannot.  Traditionally, these compact subwoofers result in a slight loss of sound quality. However, with current advancements in subwoofer technology, the sound quality between full size subs and shallow mount subs have become practically unnoticeable.

There are several reasons why someone would choose a shallow mount subwoofer.  In this blog, we will list some of these reasons and explain why a shallow mount subwoofer could be ideal for your car.

Not Enough Space for a Full Size Subwoofer

Some vehicles simply are not big enough for a full size car subwoofer.  Recently, Sonic installed a pair of MTX TT6510-04 subwoofers in a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab truck.  Due to the lack of available space in the truck, the only option for installing a subwoofer was underneath the rear seats.  There are many trucks and smaller cars that do not have the space to install a subwoofer with a large enclosure.  These vehicles are perfect for shallow mount subwoofers.

Don’t Want to Sacrifice the Space

Some people that travel a lot or constantly use the space in their trunk do not want to install a large enclosure for a subwoofer.  While they still want to get the best sound quality in their car as possible, installing a full size subwoofer is out of the question.  A smaller, shallow subwoofer takes up less room in the trunk, which allows more room for luggage, golf bags, groceries, and other items that are constantly put in the trunk.

Replacing Factory Subwoofer Locations

There are many vehicles out there that come with a factory subwoofer.  A typical location of the subwoofer is in the trunk or on the rear deck of the car.  Replacing these subwoofers with a higher-powered shallow mount subwoofer will greatly increase the sound quality and bass response of the vehicle.  However, many of these factory subwoofers have small magnets and shallow baskets, making it difficult to install a full size subwoofer.  Shallow mount subwoofers are ideal for these locations.
Fit in Locations that Other subwoofers Will Not

For custom applications, shallow mount subwoofers play an important role in getting subwoofers in unique locations.  One popular example of a custom shallow mount subwoofer location is the rear doors. The Kicker CVT652 subs are common in this type of installation.  By removing the speakers in the rear doors and replacing them with a shallow subwoofer, the car’s sound quality will increase and there will not be any loss of space.  Doing an install like this typically involves sound dampening the doors and installing an amplifier, but the final result is worth the work.