Save 40% on RE Audio Car Audio

Building a car audio system is all about getting the biggest bang for your buck. Nobody likes to overspend and waste his or her money on overpriced gear. That is one reason why you see the prices you do at Sonic Electronix. Sonic believes that the customer should never have to pay inflated prices, but that everyone deserves a deal. The most recent promotion over at Sonic is the Save up to 40% on RE Audio equipment. This incredible deal is putting better sound in your car and keeping more money in your pocket!

For those that haven’t ever heard of RE Audio before, they will quickly come to respect the brand as a leader in the car audio industry. One of the biggest factors that separate RE Audio from the majority of the other companies out there is their love for car audio. Car audio enthusiasts that have a deep passion for quality sound started the company and continue to run it to this day. They are most noted for their high performance subwoofers, such as the RE Audio XXX12 and the SEX12d4. While these two series of subwoofers are the most recognized and popular, they offer many more options to match any amount of amplifier power.

RE Audio also offers many other car audio products including amplifiers, speakers, sound processors, and subwoofer enclosures. Over the years, RE Audio continues to expand their product line by adding more items. With the recent addition of the DTS series of amplifier such as the RE Audio DTS-1000.1, RE Audio now offers three different levels of amplifiers that will match any subwoofer. For those that are looking for a killer deal on some of the best products in the industry, head on over to Sonic Electronix and check out their sale on RE Audio!