Rosen T8 All-in-One Entertainment System (AS3232)

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Technology has come a long way since the original flip-down overhead monitors was initially introduced.  Deciding whether you want a built-in DVD player or just an overhead monitor makes all the difference to an audio/video system. Featuring fixed or swiveling displays with a wide variety of features and add-ons, choosing an overhead monitor has never become more personal. Having an attractive set-up is ideal when adding to a vehicle because we usually want it to look like it came stock from the factory and unmodified which makes choosing a color and size most important. Sleek in design and out of the way, adding an overhead monitor would bring your family and friends just the right amount of enjoyment that any road trip needs.

Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR by Absolute
Overhead Monitors
Being standard doesn’t always mean fewer features. A standard overhead monitor does the job right with entertainment without the luxury of having a built-in DVD player. Perhaps you already have a DVD head unit and all you need is a monitor to display the action. The Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR would be a perfect example of an overhead monitor that could bring you an excellent entertainment system for your family, while not burning a hole in your wallet. Overhead monitors without a built-in DVD player can still provide you with many great features. Occasionally, these monitors will come with a digital TV tuner allowing your kids to watch some television on the road! Whether you are using your head unit to put on a movie, hooking up an external player or even playing your Xbox, these monitors have a compact, durable style that really gives a bang for your buck!

Overhead Monitors w/ DVD Players
Hook up the headphones and drive in peace! Keeping your kids entertained and quiet on the way to school, on a road trip, or even just driving around town can be important. With a stylish design and functionality, everything becomes a little simpler when deciding to go with a built-in DVD monitor. The Rosen T8 AS3232 for example, shows the potential a DVD overhead monitor can have. Providing you with controlled dome lighting, FM transmitters, shallow system install, and a DVD player, this overhead monitor brings the theater right to you.