Accessories are the lifeblood of the car audio system. Building an awesome car audio system without equally awesome accessories is like assembling a Ferrari with zip ties. The latest and greatest accessories from NVX are now available in the NVX Store at Sonic Electronix. The NVX Accessory lineup contains practically anything you would need for a speaker or amplifier installation in your vehicle.

Capacitors are one component in car audio systems that are often overlooked. Don’t make the same mistake! Capacitors can help your amplifier run more efficiently!  You will appreciate the boost in your overall bass response, but your battery and amplifier will also appreciate the added component which helps stabilize the voltage. The NVX XCAP1F 1.0 Farad Capacitor is one of the best capacitors available on the market, and is a true 1 farad capacitor, unlike overrated competitors. This capacitor is available at Sonic Electronix now, and is designed for systems up to 1200 watts.

A power cell like the XHC600 is the perfect addition for car audio systems around 600W RMS

Adding an auxiliary battery to your system is also a way you can clean up voltage peaks and help reduce dimming headlights. The NVX XHC600 is the perfection option for a system running roughly 600W RMS. The XHC600’s absorbed glass mat design with no vents allows you to mount this battery however you want without worries of spilling battery acid or other hazardous toxins. Even in extreme heat and other environments, this battery is built to last. Providing your amplifiers with the extra juice available in this battery will also increase the overall bass output, or SPL, from your car audio system. Keep in mind when installing a battery, a battery isolator is required. Don’t worry though – NVX has your back there as well, offering 3 different solutions for isolators.

A rubber roller is the best way to apply sound dampening, and by far the easiest

NVX Accessories aren’t just limited to batteries and capacitors. They also offer high end hardware such as battery terminals, distribution blocks, fuse holders, sound dampening rollers, power wire, line out converters, RCA cables, speaker wire, and even packaged amplifier kits. Next time you have an installation to tackle, make your life easier with NVX Accessories.