LED’s. Light emitting diodes.

It’s where it’s at, in case you didn’t know. 

But why? why so popular and cool all of a sudden? Well have you seen LED lighting? They ARE cool. All bright and shiny and illuminating… But they’re useful too.

As interior lights they’re brighter and more efficient then your typical interior bulbs and last a lot longer too. People are finding all kinds of interesting ways to install them too to add a unique style and flair to their vehicle. They come in all kinds of colors like blue, red, purple, green and more so you can match your interior or mix and match your own custom color scheme. You can use them as dome lights, puddle lights or any other kind of lights you might want to do. They’re easy to install and only require a small drill and a power and ground connection. Not to mention they’re less harsh on your eyes.

As exterior lights, you’ll find them used in all kinds of things from daytime running lights, fog lights and even headlights. They’re significantly brighter than typical halogen lights and last much longer too. Most LED’s have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. And since they’re so much more efficient, you get a brighter light with less of a strain on your charging system.

So you get awesome looking lights that are way brighter, more efficient and and last longer  than your normal bulbs. Seriously, have you seen how cool they look installed in a car? Not to mention the projector logo lights… Those are pretty nifty.

So now you know what all the rage is about and you can get in on it too. Check out our selection of LED accent lights, LED under body kits, driving lights and all the other cool lights we have. Get yours now!

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