Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

Kinetik Audio is mostly known for manufacturing high performance power cells for high powered car audio systems. What you may not know is that they also have a series of 12 Volt power supplies/chargers. Being that these power supplies are manufactured by Kinetik, you can be assured that they are made with the same high quality as their very popular power cells.

Kinetiks KIPS Series Power Supplies consists of 3-different models, 45 amp, 60 amp, and 80 amp. Each version of these power supplies will provide constant noise free power and are designed specifically to charge and maintain Kinetik Power Cells and most other 12-volt batteries. Their lightweight and compact design allows you to mount them almost anywhere in your vehicle for either OEM installation or after market replacement. The integrated computer controlled charging module is capable of charging multiple batteries at the same for your convenience. These KIPS Series Chargers also feature a Smart Dual Mode Design which includes a built-in microprocessor. This microprocessor constantly monitors the battery voltage while charging, automatically kicks up the output voltage based on its charge status, and will go into float mode when at idle. There are 4 different operating modes (Normal, Boost, Storage and Desulfation/Equalize) that are automatically selected by the built-in microprocessor to provide a fast & safe recharge.

To ensure ultimate reliability, Kinetik has incorporated many different protection circuitry’s into their KIPS Series power supplies. The thermal protection mode decreases power until the power supply returns to normal operation temperature, GFCI protection safely operates without ground fault interruption, and the short circuit protection senses within millionths of a second if the output terminals have been shorted. Reverse battery protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit, and the ignition protection circuit are also integrated into the KIPS series. Variable speed cooling fans are also built-in, these fans will only run at the speeds needed to prevent from overheating. Kinetiks KIPS Series Power Supplies are the best in the industry and built to withstand the most demanding charging applications.