The Solo Classic Subwoofers are brand new to the 2009 KICKER lineup. In the creation of the Solo Classic, KICKER looked to the past to create the design, yet used innovative subwoofer technology to create a subwoofer that not only looks great, but also can hit hard in compact spaces.  With a shorter mounting depth than what we have seen in the past, these woofers are able to fit in a smaller enclosure for more compact installations.

This will be great news for those that have space limitations, but still rely on that impressive KICKER sound.  When released, they will be available in a 15”, 12”, 10”, and an 8”.  No matter what size you are in the market for, the Solo Classic has got you covered. After one of these woofers is installed in a appropriate sealed box, they are ready for action.  And just in case you don’t want to do all that wiring and sub box installation yourself, KICKER makes it easy.  They offer preinstalled subwoofer and enclosure subboxes housing the powerful Solo Classic.  Available in a single 10”, single 12”, or a dual 12”, these sub boxes are prepared to produce bass like you have never heard before.  The new Solo Classic subwoofer line from KICKER is the ideal woofer for any vehicle.  All you have to remember is “All the bass. Half the space.”  That’s the KICKER Solo Classic.