Kenwood PS Subwoofers

Picking out a new subwoofer for your car audio system can be a tough choice. Who knows you could be choosing a speaker that’s plays all of your favorite music perfectly and moves with you from car to car. You could almost say that in this ideal situation the subwoofer becomes a part of you, bound for life or until you hear a really sweet song you have to crank it a bit too hard too. Or you could be picking out a new subwoofer that isn’t what you imagined and doesn’t sound right with your setup. With so many different subwoofers on the market you may want to consider the Kenwood Performance Series, the top-ranking subwoofer model from January through October of 2010 based on unit sales volume according to the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service.

There’s a reason that the Performance Series of subwoofers were so popular. Some of the main reasons a Car Audio Subwoofer can be popular is a reasonable price point. After you can justify a subwoofers price point – what does it have to offer?

The brand new 2011 model, the 12” KFC-W3013PS retains the best attributes of the 2010’s best-selling KFC-W3012 while delivering improved heat ventilation, shallower mounting depth, and longer cone excursion. This particular model has an RMS power handling rating of 400 watts, and a max power rating of 1,200 watts. This subwoofer offers a dual ventilation system that allows heat to escape the voice coil even in extremely shallow mount applications where the pole piece air vent is obstructed by the enclosure. A heavy-duty rubber surround extends the life of the woofer even under continuous high-power operation, while a new diamond-array cone design resists cone flex and provides better overall bass performance. There’s also a 10” model, the KFC-W2513PS which is rated at 300 watts RMS and retains all of the qualities of the 12” model.