Kenwood DPX308U

An aftermarket radio replacement can breathe life back into your vehicle. Maybe you’re just replacing a factory radio that went bad. Maybe the radio that you’re used to in your car just doesn’t have the features that an aftermarket option has to offer. Whatever the case, aftermarket radio replacements are pretty convenient and help with integrating today’s technology into any vehicle they can fit into.

Aftermarket radio’s can have a lot of different looks and styles, and each can appeal to different users. Sometimes you want an aftermarket radio that stands out and shows off to the world you’re awesome new source unit. Other times you’ll want a radio that shows off as little as possible, and has all the performance of an aftermarket radio that looks purely like a stock radio. For the latter option, Kenwood introduced a brand new 2011 Double-Din Sized CD Receiver with an advanced USB technology platform. This double-din CD receiver integrates a feature packed aftermarket radio experience along with the looks of a stock radio.

This new double-din sized CD receiver is the Kenwood DPX308U. This is a strong factory radio-replacement solution that is compatible with iPod and iPhone. An oversized LCD display with large text makes all information easy to read. Variable color illumination of the display and backlit keys allows the user to match the color of the Kenwood DPX308U to the dashboard lighting of almost any vehicle. A front-panel USB input is ideal for plugging in an iPod and directly controlling it while charging its internal battery. Two preamp outputs allow for audio system expansion. Finally, the DPX308U has steering wheel interface capability (extra module required) which allows the user to retain many steering wheel controls, improving safety and convenience. This feature packed double-din receiver has excellent options for aesthetic and audio adjustments to make it a perfect stereo replacement in any compatible vehicle.