K40 RL360
Looking for a high-end radar detection and laser jamming solution can be difficult. For those of us who have a hard time controlling their speed, K40 has designed an elegant solution that stays out of sight, but keeps you notified and ticket-free.

The brand new K40 RL360 All-band 360 degree radar detector with GPS is one of the most intuitive systems available on the market. This system is not scattered among your dashboard, or mounted onto your windshield. In fact, you don’t even see this system when it’s installed into a vehicle. There are no visible wires, plugs, or modules and the warning is provided via discreet LEDs, and a hidden speaker. Since this detector is a 360 Degree system, you’re not just covered in one direction, the detector will keep you safe from all sides of the vehicle.

A very unique feature found exclusively on the K40 RL series is the Quiet Ride function. This allows you to set a minimum speed for your radar detection, which completely eliminates audible alerts until your vehicle exceeds the selected speeds. It is common in lower-end radar detectors to hear alerts at every store or gas station you pass, this Quiet Ride feature is one that is long overdue.

K40 Defuser EX2
The K40 Defuser EX2 offers coverage for both the front and rear of your vehicle, ensuring total laser protection

When you combine the capabilities of the K40 RL360 along with their K40 Laser Defuser EX or EX2, you’ll find your vehicle is protected comparably to an impenetrable fortress of solitude amongst a world of lasers and radar. There are many laser detectors on the market, but usually by the time you are alerted it’s already too late. These  Lasers are used to track vehicles progress, and by the time the alert from your radar detector would go off, your speed would be registered. The laser Defuser EX/2 keeps you safe by emitting a powerful infrared light signal back to the gun at a pulse rate it cannot understand.These systems are illegal in certain states, so care must be taken if this is the type of product you’re interested in. Both Defuser systems are designed to be discreet and are very difficult to locate on the vehicle with their OEM appearance. The Defuser EX only has one LIDAR detector, when the EX2 covers both sides of your vehicle. The systems also perform an Auto Start-Up Test to ensure there are operating properly every time the vehicle starts.