Most high end car audio sound systems are equipped with two amplifiers, one for the subwoofer and one for the speakers. Installing both of those amplifiers into your vehicle can be timely and costly if you are using two separate amplifier installation kits. Make it easier for yourself and invest in a dual amp wiring kit. A dual amplifier installation wiring kit allows you to run one wire to the battery instead of multiple wires to the battery, which in turn saves on installation time and cost of all that unnecessary extra wire. Once the single power wire is ran to the battery, a distribution block splits the power into two wires, one for each amp. Most dual amp kits include one long piece of power/ground cable to run to the battery, and one shorter piece that connects to the distribution block to the installed amplifiers. Below I will provide information on two great dual amp kits that will make installing two amplifiers much easier on you.

Tsunami AMP1040D Amp Kit

Tsunami AMP1040D

The Tsunami AMP1040D is a 1/0 AWG & 4 AWG Dual Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit that is designed for high powered sound systems up to 4200 watts. This multi-amp kit includes 17 feet of 1/0 AWG blue power cable, 6 feet of 4 AWG power cable, 3 feet of 1/0 AWG ground cable, and 6 feet of 4 AWG ground cable. The above mentioned cable is true-to-gauge and made from 100% oxygen-free copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power. This kit also includes a 1/0 AWG in-line ANL fuse holder equipped with a 350 Amp ANL fuse, nickel-plated distribution block, and all the accessories required for the installation of two amplifiers like spade terminals, grommets, spare fuses, butt connectors, and more.

Kicker PKD1 Amp Kit

Kicker PKD1

Kicker’s PKD1 Dual 1/0 AWG Power Amplifier Wiring Kit includes 20 feet of 1/0 AWG power cable, 5 feet of 4 AWG power cable, 3 feet of 1/0 AWG ground cable, and 5 feet of 4 AWG ground cable. The PKD1 kit is designed specifically for car audio systems up to 3000 watts and includes Kicker’s hyper-flex wire for incredible flexibility and power transfer. Kicker has equipped the cables in this kit with their Direct Connect Engineering, meaning the cables have ring terminals already installed on the ends for simple installation. This kit also includes an ANL fuse holder with a 300 Amp ANL fuse, 2 distribution blocks, and all the necessary accessories for the installation of two amplifiers.