Sonic Electronix is dedicated to keeping their customers safe. In a world of car audio fanatics and loud music, protecting our ears is often an overlooked idea. However, ear protection is among the most important things that we can do for our bodies. In the Infographic below, Sonic Electronix aims to teach their valued customers about dangerous sound levels.

How loud is Too Loud: Learning More about Hearing

How is Sound Measured?

Sound is measured with decibels, also written as “dB”. The decibel scale ranges from 0 dB to 300 dB. Zero represents absolute silence, whereas three hundred represents the loudest sound in the world. Special tools are used to measure the decibel rating of sound, such as the Scosche SPL1000 SPL Meter. There are also a number of other meters and phone applications that will measure the dB rating.

The Loudest Sounds in the World

The longer a person’s ears are exposed to loud sounds, the more hearing loss will occur. In fact, hearing loss can begin at prolonged exposure above 85 dB. Just about any sound over that dB rating will attribute to hearing loss. This is a reason why it is important to know what these levels sound like and how to properly protect your ears when exposed to loud sounds. Some of the loudest sounds in the world include gunfire (155 dB), NHRA Dragsters (160 dB), a 1-ton TNT bomb (210 dB), and a 5.0 Earthquake (235 dB). The loudest sound ever recorded was the Tunguska Meteor at 315 dB.

Signs of Hearing Loss

There are many signs that humans show when their hearing begins to deteriorate. These signs included ear pain, ear itching, muffled hearing, pus leaking from the ear, tinnitus, as well as having a difficult time hearing what people say.

Don’t become a victim of hearing loss. Wear the proper ear protection when you know that you will be exposed to loud sounds.