Hifonics Mercury MX6

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that have been following this blog, you will be familiar with a theme that is currently brought up. That is quality speakers for a low price.  Sonic Electronix is constantly striving to pass the best deals on to their customers.  Programs like the Make an Offer and the Beat a Price are just a few examples of services that visitors of the site can take advantage of to get the best deal.  In addition to those services, Sonic finds bulk deals that will allow them to offer low prices on quality items.  Recently, Maxxsonics offered a fantastic deal to Sonic for some high-end Hifonics speakers.  Because of the excellent relationship between Maxxsonics and Sonic Electronix, they are able to pass on a once in a lifetime deal for the Hifonics Mercury MX6 car speakers.

Staying true to the reliable Mercury line, Hifonics released a popular set of car speakers with the MX6.  With mounting holes for both Domestic and European models, this set is an excellent choice for any car that has the space for a 6.5” car speaker.  These power hungry speakers are capable of accepting 120 watts of RMS power all day, every day.  That is plenty of power and more than most amplifiers are able to output.  In the cases that a higher power amp is going to be connected, the Hifonics Mercury MX6 speaker is able to handle a peak of 600 watts!  Maxxsonics has built these speakers with durable materials and quality controlled manufacturing. An Injection molded polypropylene woofer cone and a Moisture-resistant rubber surround are used along the face of the speaker.   For all the highs, a 3/4” pure titanium tweeter is used.  The result is a well-built speaker that will last a long time and provide years of excellent audio.