For more than 25 years, Focal has produced top of the line car speakers. The Focal brand offers the best and most accurate speakers on the market. Focal prides themselves on their consistent research and development programs. Based out of Saint-Etienna, France, Focal has reached new heights in the mobile audio world. The precision that Focal takes into each and every product that they create truly puts them one step ahead of the rest. A perfect example of this can be seen in the Focal K2 Power line of speakers and subwoofers.

The K2 Power series from Focal features high quality speakers and powerful subwoofers. Just by looking at these woofers you can tell that there is something special about them. The yellow cone woofer stands out and begs for attention. It is a thermoformed, structural foam core that has been coated with an aramid fiber layer on one side and a glass layer on the other side. Does that make sense? Basically that means that the woofer is stronger, lighter, and experiences less distortion at high levels. How about the tweeters in this series? The Tioxid 5 inverted dome tweeter, TN 52 wave guide, and the double-magnet structure produce what some call the perfect tweeter. After the signal has traveled through a performance leading crossover, the resulting sound is precise and clear. Plus, the crossovers each feature a tweeter level control to help match the tweeter sound to that of the woofer. For example, put a K2 Power component system like the 165KF in with a K2 subwoofer and you will be experiencing Focal’s “Spirit of Sound”. Using the same K2 composite sandwich cones that are used in the speakers, the Subwoofers are able to play loud and clear. Focal uses a unique multi-ferrite magnet and a long voice coil that formulate an excellent subwoofer sound.

If you are unfamiliar with what the above paragraph means, don’t worry. What really matters is the sound quality that comes out of these speakers. These aren’t entry level speakers. These speakers are cutting edge speakers. These speakers are going to last in the long run and sound exceptional while doing so. These are the speakers of choice for competition cars. These are the speakers that live up to what Focal is, “The Spirit of Sound”.