FLI Audio FLI Trap FT12-F2

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Is it possible to have great sounding audio in your car for an affordable price? If you choose FLI Audio the answer is yes.  FLI Audio is a new line to Sonic Electronix and has been showing great results since it’s initial introduction into the United States.  Traditionally a UK company, FLI Audio has brought their great looking and excellent sounding components overseas.  They offer a full line of car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more!

Just by looking at a pair of FLI car speakers, you will see that there is something unique about them.  The speakers integrate a lightweight injection-molded polypropylene (IMPP) with FLI-EYE technology to create a rigid cone that looks as great as it sounds.  They offer wide range of speaker sizes is available to fit any vehicle and any application.  To expand their product line further, they offer component and coaxial speakers to accommodate the needs of everyone.  No set of speakers is complete without an efficient amplifier to power the speakers.  The FLI amplifiers are available in any configuration that your installation could need.  From the powerful monoblock amplifier for your subwoofer to the 4-channel amp that can effectively power all four of your car speakers, you can always find an amp for what you need.  Each amplifier produces real power and is the perfect way to complete your audio system.

The most notable product from FLI audio is the FLI Trap loaded enclosures.  Available in a loaded 10”, 12”, or a larger 15”, the FLI Traps are an easy way to add bass to your car.   The enclosures themselves are durable and covered in a thick carpet.  The standard FLI Trap is covered in a gray carpet, however they do make a pink version for the ladies.  For those looking to try a new line of car speaker, amplifiers, or subwoofers, FLI is an affordable choice with excellent sound quality.