Time for an Upgrade!

The factory battery in your vehicle is more than likely unable to power an aftermarket stereo. When you upgrade your system, it will require a high performance power cell to work properly. When you need the right accessories, whether it’s battery terminals, battery posts, isolators or chargers, we got you covered to complete your installation to achieve a perfectly powered, booming system.

So Many Options, So Little Time

When you’ve chosen the high performance battery that you require to produce the proper amount of power for your stereo, you’ll want to take a look at terminals. Purchasing a higher end terminal with at least three outputs expands your options when running additional equipment such as an amplifier.

As an example, the NVX XBTU positive/negative battery terminal clamp has multiple gauge outputs to allow you a wide array of applications. One of the outputs is connected to your positive battery terminal while the other two can each be used for your amplifiers or you can select the output with the matching gauge for your power wire.


Not concerned with gold or platinum? You can choose to go with a more universal option such as the Xscorpion BTRG or XScorpion BTRP battery terminals which accept any gauge cable and easily screw the power cable to the terminal securely for a high power connection.

If you aren’t hooking up additional amplifiers and just want to upgrade your terminals to make under the hood more aesthetically pleasing, you can take the cheaper route and get a simple gold-plated positive terminal such as the MA Audio MBT1 and a gold-plated negative battery terminal such as the MA Audio MBT2.


If and when you want to add a secondary battery to your audio system, an isolator such as the NVX BIR500 allows the second battery to fully dedicate itself to the stereo while the main battery focuses on powering the vehicle. This avoids voltage drop and draws less than 1 amp while your vehicle is powered on. Isolating the battery is extremely important to ensure continuous, maximum power handling. The battery relays and isolators are designed for different battery amp ratings from 80 amps to 500 amps and prevent your primary battery from any discharge.

For more info on isolators, check out our YouTube video.

Time for a Charge!

The need for a charge will come when you want to play your stereo while the engine is off. Now, obviously you lose power if your vehicle isn’t running and you’re in accessory mode, but if you have an extremely high powered stereo system, you may want to invest in a remote battery status monitor such as the CTEK Comfort Connect Indicator Panel. This product conveniently monitors the battery level and battery status to avoid damaging or undercharging your battery. One sad day you’ll run your audio system long enough and completely drain your battery.

The CTEK Multi US 3300 de-sulfating charger would be necessary due to its design to charge 12V lead-acid batteries such as Wet, MF, Gel, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Calcium. This charger ensures your high performance battery stays at its maximum potential to bring you…yep! You got it.. a high performance audio system!


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