Want to get the most out of your speaker system without having to break the bank? NVX can help you! The NVX XBAF Silicone Baffles are exactly what you need for your speaker installation. The durable rubber baffle creates a tight seal during your installation, allowing you to hear a higher quality of sound in your car. Read more reasons why you should consider purchasing NVX’s Silicone Speaker Baffles.

Rattles and Vibrations Will Quickly Disappear

If you try to install your speakers without any baffles, chances are you are going to experience some rattling and excessive noise. NVX is here to solve that problem. The XBAF speaker baffles create a tight and secure seal around your speakers, allowing for optimal sound quality. The egg crate foam at the bottom of the baffle helps create a barrier between the speaker and the metal door itself. Hear your music clearly without all the extra noise.

Silicone Rubber Engineered To Last

Other baffles on the market are made from a really cheap, thin foam material, causing them to deteriorate over time. At NVX, their speaker baffles are engineered with silicone which lasts a lifetime. In the event that moisture accumulates in your door panel, NVX’s waterproof silicone baffles will keep your speaker safe and keep their shape, unlike others on the market.

Designed To Fit Most Speakers on the Market


NVX’s XBAF Speaker Baffles make for a perfect fitment for speakers at varying depths. The silicone design also allows for simple customization of the baffle to match the proper mounting depth. NVX baffles come in most car speaker sizes including 5.25″, 6.5″, 6×8″, 6×9″, and even 8″.

Simple Accessory. Easy Installation.

NVX’s speaker baffle rings are a simple accessory you can install to make your speakers sound amazing. To install their XBAF speaker baffles, first, you will need to peel off the paper to expose the adhesive back on the egg-crate foam and stick it to the inside area of your door right in the speaker mounting location. Next, slide the speakers in the baffle and line up the mounting holes. Next, fold the silicone to match the depth of the speaker. Finally, install the speaker and the baffle in the mounting bracket and screw them in place. Easy way to get the most out of your speakers.

If you’re looking for baffles, but do not see your size speakers, you can check out our website and shop our entire collection of speaker baffles.  


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