Summer is rapidly approaching and that means that it’s time to pack up the family car for some long trips. Making sure your vehicle is prepared for these journeys is a very important step, and cell phones are your gateway to the outside world once the trip begins. It’s possible that during the trip you may encounter many different areas that have low cell service and dead zones, cutting off your only contact. Make sure you’re prepared against these cellular dead zones with the zBoost YX240 zForce Cellular Signal Booster Car Unit.

YX240 Antenna
The small included exterior antenna is designed to be attached to the exterior of your vehicle to receive incoming cellular signals

It’s happened to us all before. You could be happily enjoying conversation when suddenly met with a dead line. It’s a dropped phone call. They’re especially common when traveling through areas where there is plenty of dead zones and low cell signal. The zBoost YX240 zForce Cellular Signal Booster is a perfect remedy for the gaps between connectivity. Adding this unit to your vehicle is a surefire way to protect against excessive call dropping and low cell service. Also, since most phones use GPS these days and it requires cellular service to stay active the zBoost YX240 is perfect for making sure you’re never lost, even in areas of little to no cellular service.

It’s also common to find people using Pandora Internet Radio, or other music streaming services to listen to their music on the road. The only downside to this is when the cellular service is not around, the music won’t play. The zBoost YX240 is the perfect remedy to this, and people who rely on streaming on the road should highly consider this unit.
The zBoost YX240 works by using a high powered antenna to receive cellular signals and a bi-directional amplifier to rebroadcast the signals in a smaller profile area, such as a vehicle. This means that the cellular phone signal in your vehicle is significantly boosted than in other areas surrounding you.

The zBoost YX240 is easy to install and the package includes everything you need. It consists of a bi-directional amplifier unit housed in a sturdy, lightweight cradle. The amplifier connects to your vehicles 12V power source through a supplied Cigarette Lighter Adapter. The unit works with most cell phones and carriers, and improved signal strength for voice and data.