CD3414GBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Are you looking for a great car stereo that won’t break your budget? The Eclipse CD3414 is a steal of a deal at $74.99 with free shipping! This in-dash CD/MP3 player is one of the best values on our website. While most entry level head units only play CDs, this unit can also playback MP3s and WMAs. Besides, it also has a built-in AM/FM tuner with numerous presets for storing your favorite radio stations. When it comes to tuning, the dual rotary controls make it easy to navigate thru your music library. With the simple turn of a knob you can adjust the volume or to switch radio stations. This easy interface makes your driving experience safer and more convenient.

In terms of expandability, this unit has two sets of preamp outputs, making it easy to add amplifiers to your car stereo system. The built-in aux input gives you the option to connect a portable media player such as an iPod or iPhone. Just use the rear audio RCA input to add all of your favorite portable media devices. Eclipse stereos are know for their excellent sound quality. No matter what you add to this stereo, the sound quality is exceptional and rates off of the charts. The built-in equalizer has preset tone curves, so you can adjust the EQ based on the style of music you are listening to.

This sleek in-dash car stereo features a dot matrix LCD display for easy viewing of song titles and artists. The knobs and buttons are styled with green lighting, making for a flashy look. In this day and age, it is important to protect your aftermarket car stereo components against theft. This Eclipse stereo has a built-in Electronic Serial Number to prevent thieves from using it. This feature is intended to deter theft, and this unit even includes stickers warning of this feature. You can post these stickers on your vehicle to warn thieves that this unit is traced electronically.

This head unit is available at an unbeatable price. Make this stereo the centerpiece of your car stereo system and use it to power your speakers. This stereo has an internal amplifier that can provide 17 watts of RMS power by 4 separate channels. At a price of $74.99 with free shipping, you simply can’t go wrong–and this unit is definitely the right choice.